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The Real Simwives of Monte Vista Edit

The Real Simwives of Monte Vista (abbreviated RSOMV) is an upcoming reality series produced by SimNation Studios (SNS), whiched is based on The Real Simwives. The Real Simwives of Monte Vista documents the lives of several affluent simwives who reside in Monte Vista.

Format: Sims Reality Series


  • Alexis Sulivan (season 1- present)
  • Alisha Jennings (season 1- present)
  • Danielle Damons (season 1- present)
  • Erica Maylor (season 1- present)
  • Kelly Brooks (season 1- present)
  • Mia Williams (season 1- present)
  • Tasha Royle` (season 1- present)
No. of Seasons: 1
No. of Episodes: 

Overview and CastingEdit

It was confirmed by SimNation Studios that a new simwives location would be in Monte Vista. Soon after the announcement, 7 women were confirmed to the show. Danielle Damons, Mia Williams, Erica Maylor, Alisha Jennings, Kelly Brooks, Alexis Sulivan, & Tasha Royle` were all confirmed main housewives for the first season. While filming, simwife Kelly Brooks quit the show. Reasons why she left we be discussed on the show & as well as the reunion. She will still be apart of the cast, until her exit. Season 1 will consist of 7 episodes plus a 2 part reunion & a "Drama Revealed" Special.

Production on The Real Simwives of Monte Vista has not started & will begin soon.

Timeline of SimwivesEdit

Simwives Seasons
Current main simwives
Alexis Sulivan Main
Alisha Jennings Main
Danielle Damons Main
Erica Maylor Main
Kelly Brooks Main
Mia Williams Main
Tasha Royle` Main

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